Surrey, BC

The design process for Southridge involved an initial Masterplan that would foresee the provision of a Senior School, replacement Junior School, Theatre and two playing fields. This project was shepherded through a rezoning process and delivered through a construction management process to accommodate an accelerated schedule.

The design concept draws upon traditional elements in private school campus design while fostering a state of the art educational environment specifically catered to an academically focused curriculum. The educational environment is developed around a central assembly area or “Great Hall” that functions as a performing space by virtue of its adjacency to a combined music and drama space.  Classroom wings are detailed to provide for independent learning alcoves and the whole concept is adorned with generous natural light and maximized views to the school property. The project includes a dividable gym with viewing bleachers for regulation court basketball.  The site development includes a generous landscaping designed in a formal nature to enhance the Southridge image.