Salmon Arm, BC

Salmon Arm Senior Secondary School is the single regional senior secondary for a wide-ranging Okanagan School District contained within a 50 mile diameter, needing fifteen school buses to serve the district.  The school also serves as the community centre. As the only senior secondary in the District, this school had to achieve all aspects of the educational philosophy while calling for occasional off-hours use of several elements of the school, while maintaining security of the remainder of the school:

  • The Gymnasium, lockers, entrance, related concession and public washrooms had to be available for evening or weekend use for sports tournaments or special gymnasium classes.
  • The Drama/Music area, complete with entrance and public washrooms, had to be available for evening performances or public lectures, separate from the main part of the school.
  • The Electronic Arts group included a cable TV broadcasting studio run by the local cable TV station in Salmon Arm, as well as being used for student instruction.
  • The school was planned to expand to 1000 students.