Taizhou, PRC

Medical Treatment–the foundation of Taizhou Medicine City will form three pillar cornerstone industries.  ‘Healthcare Town’, is to build a multi-functional area including wellness service, feature healthcare service, high-end medical care service, medical education and research, and residential and recreational facilities.  A three-fold goal is desired: attracting well-known healthcare operators from inland and overseas to establish their branches; attracting medical R&D institutes to found high-tech research centres and build feature medicine research centres, which will then transform successful research results into medical products for the marketplace; and attracting international academic institutes and training institutes to cooperate in internationally certified certification courses.

The target of Health Town is to transform existing industrial structure into a high-end service industry and let Taizhou become a top of the line international medical research production base, medical trade circulation base, and healthcare service base. This is the basis for the “1 town, 3 functions” structure, with the health care industry and city residents bringing mutual benefits to  each other for better development overall.