Harbin, PRC

Ai’ Jian City is built upon the historical site of the Hearbin Locomotive Plant. Constructed at the end of the 19th century, the locomotive plant reflects the history of Hearbin, an important industrial city in northern China. The Master Plan utilizes the locomotive plant – redeveloped as a museum – as an important design detail, maintaining Hearbin’s history and creating a local cultural/tourist destination.

The Master Plan is organized as a system of neighbourhoods. Each neighbourhood has its own centre, with associated amenities such as; community parks, playgrounds, schools, and transit facilities. With a human scale as the main focus of the design, pedestrian-only streets link the communities to each other – as well as to commercial districts. Within each neighbourhood, community gardens act as the entranceways for the surrounding residential buildings. This focus increases local pedestrian activity, the sense of community and creates a benefit to neighbourhood security.