Shanghai, PRC

The Dream Home China Project is operated by the Forestry Innovation Investment Company, who manage and support programs and initiatives aimed at increasing the value of the forest assets, on behalf of the Government of British Columbia.

 The Dream Home China project is a wood-frame demonstration project in a high-visibility location in Shanghai, with a 3–year plan to promote a comprehensive approach to the promotion of BC building products and wood-frame construction techniques. The demonstration project includes examples of wood constructed single and multi-family residential structures, interior and exterior wood finished products, along with some non-residential construction applications. The centrepiece of the plan is a multi-purpose presentation centre of approximately 750 square metres.

 The presentation centre highlights advanced wood technologies and heavy timber wood products in its construction, and includes space for demonstrations of BC commodity and value-added forest products, offices, space for receptions, training and related commercial services. The site fully landscaped, again profiling suitable BC wood products.